If you think about “Wahnfried”, Richard Wagner will come to your mind. Well, that´s understandable. And it is not really wrong, because as a music lover I followed the Wagner energy and found “Wagner 1883”, Klaus Schulzes Ode to Richard Wagner on his album “Timestep”. This very interesting piece of music history inspired me to a non-compromise-preamp, that unites quietness and dynamics – my “Wahnfried Edition”.
I haven’t heard a better preamp. If you only accept the best, the Wahnfried must be your choice.

concept and circuit

The “Wahnfried Edition” is a tube line level preamplifier with six symmetrical inputs and a tape loop. Two highly selected and carefully matched double triodes per channel do the amplification. An output transformer with two separated outputs for a power amp and / or a subwoofer increases the flexibility. In case you don’t need the subwoofer-output you can also use it as a high-end headphone input. The use of the highest grade parts is crowned by my pure silver / nanocrystalline FINEMET core transformers.

A particular highlight is the volume control of the “Wahnfried”. It is realized with a mixture of an input transformer and a manually switched resistor network with 48 steps. As an option you can also chose 96 steps via switched relays and a remote control. The amplifying tubes will either way be galvanically isolated from the source components and are able to work with a stable impedance.

Honestly, the sound of the “Wahnfried” exceeds everything I could ever imagine.

custom made

The “Wahnfried Edition” is being manufactured in limited edition quantities personally from me by hand. The plinths are made from massive Delrin in either black or white. You can also order a very elegant version in macassar wood. Lid, front and back are made from stainless steel and engraved by hand. The tubes are individually selected from the best NOS tubes available. And of course all boards are only populated with pristine components that I carefully match.

technical data

Line Preamp with external PSU
Inputs: 6 x XLR with gain up to 20dB plus Tape and Record XLR
Outputs: 2 x XLR
Output impedance: 150 ohm nominal; adjusted to 600 ohm
Gain: 20dB depending on tube compliment
Signal-to-noise-ratio: 90dB
Dimensions Line (w x d x h): 460 x 370 x 120mm
Dimensions PSU (w x d x h): 140 x 250 x 120mm
Weight: 15kg (depending on the cabinet)


linestage “Wahnfried Edition” with external mains transformer, white or black delrin case
pure silver wired input- and outputtransformer                 18.600,- €
makassa wood case                on request
remote volume control                on request