Our “mc pro” sets a new standard for the transmission capabilities of mc-transformers. With its uncompromising design, our decades-long experience and the use of the very best materials we have created a candidate for the worlds best mc-transformer.

In theory an ideal transformer has zero winding resistance and a core material with very little magnetic loss. Our “mc pro” comes very, very close to this ideal with its lavishly over dimensioned nano-cristalline toroidal and a primary winding of custom made litz wire with an unbelievably low DC resistance of 0,1 ohms. This minimal DC resistance does not only dampen the musical signal much lesser, it can also increase gain and will thus play more dynamic due to these low losses. The signal will only travel through the transformer and will not be additionally damped. These transformers have an extremely high resonance frequency. This and their extremely linear frequency response allow us to completely omit internal adjustment resistors. The transformers are housed in mu-metal cans to completely isolate them from external interferences.


We offer the “mc pro” in two varieties with different turns-ratio and impedance, to be able to match it to every cartridge on the market.

These are all the varieties:

▪ 100 ohms  / 1:10 is a rather universal mc transformer suitable for cartridges with an internal impedance up to 40 ohms and an output voltage between 250 and 750µV
▪ 25 ohms / 1:20 for cartridges with a lower internal impedance up to 12 ohms that require more gain, thus have an output voltage between 150 and 400µV
▪ EMT special – optimized for the classic EMT cartridges
with a turns ratio of 1:20
▪ SPU special – specially wound with a turns ratio of 1:20 for the classical Ortofon SPU cartridges

Of course we will wind a custom transformer for your personal favorite cartridge.


You can chose between different cabinet varieties:

▪ Either black or white Delrin with high gloss polished stainless steel front- and back panels, engraved by hand, for a merely resonance free enclosure
▪ Black Acrylic which looks really classy but is rather sensitive to scratches etc.
▪ Individual wooden plinths that we discuss with you.
For my taste the makassar wood plinths look particularly classy and underlines the status of this exceptional transformer


Termination is fully symmetrical for the input and can be switched for the output (ground lift). They are being wound with 4N, the highest grade silver wire produced for us with our specs.

Upgrade Service

If you wish to trade your smaller silvercore mc-transformer for a bigger one, I will gladly refund it.


silvercore mc pro 1:10 / silvercore mc pro 1:20              3.650,00 €

silvercore mc pro SPU / silvercore mc pro EMT             3.650,00 €
Aufpreis für Gehäuse in Makassaholz                           200,00 €

“Our MC step up trans are silver litz wound on huge amorphous cores and we are confident that they are among the top few units available at any price anywhere, because we compared everything out there, vintage and new, and we know the real story on transformer quality. We think this is the best you can get at any price.”

Katalog Silbatone C100 Vorstufe


“Please let me express my appreciation of the big silver mc trafos, that I have used for some days now. I am very impressed by the result. The sound is compression free, powerfull, warm and yet delicate. Despite being very dynamic, the result is also relaxing and free of unpleasentness.
The resolution and distinction of multiple simultaneous instruments with different amplitudes and harmonic content is really amazing.
Also noteworthy is that the lowest frequencies have an articulation that I have never heard before.”

customer Eric Medgyesi, Denmark


“…der konturierteste Bass, den ich jemals “durch” einen Übertrager gehört habe, supertrocken – aber nicht zu schlank! – und womöglich gerade deshalb ungewohnt. Darüber entwirft der Silvercore ein schon wahnsinnig transparentes, extrem tiefes und unmittelbares Klangbild mit höchster Detailtreue, bei dem die tonale Balance durchaus merklich strahlender, funkelnder rüberkommt, ein Effekt wie bei einer frisch geputzten Scheibe, sehr beeindruckend und ähnlich den Klangeindrücken, die ich so auch beim Silbatone notierte…”

Roland Kraft, image hifi 1/2012


“In der gewiss nicht kurzen Zeit, in der ich mich mit Hifi und High End beschäftige, bin ich nun erstmals auf einen MC-Übertrager gestoßen, der mit den besten MC-Phonostufen gleichzieht oder sie in Teilbereichen sogar um Nuancen übertrifft – woran der fantastische MM-Eingang der EAR 912 ganz gewiss keinen geringen Anteil hat. Für mich ist der Silvercore MC Pro die positivste analoge Überraschung seit langem!”

Dirk Sommer, HiFiStatement 23.08.2013